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Sand Incense Bowl #2 in Painted Solid Milled Aluminum

A limited edition of designer Benjamin Edgar's signature incense bowl, this iteration applies a coating of Margin’s signature Icicle colour to the otherwise solid bowl of milled aluminum. The original design was inspired by Ben's burning of Shoyeido incense from Japan, and the juxtaposition of the fragile incense ash and the weight, density, and industrial feel of milled aluminum.

Note: Each piece may have slight machining marks from the manufacturing process. This object is meant for many years of use. The dings, dents, and scratches acquired over time in the aluminum and leather are an inherent part of the design. 

Limited edition. Milled from solid aluminum. Machined finished. Leather bottom with label stamp. Light sand (included). 3.5 lbs. 4.5 inch x 2.7 inch. Made in China.

Designed with all beings in mind.

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